International Development Guide: Upcoming Projects

Hi everyone!

This is Michelle, author of the guide How to Get a Job in International Development. I hope you’re still finding the guide useful!

I’m writing to you today about my next project: the guide How to Negotiate your Salary in International Development. It’ll probably take me a few months to finish it, since I’m compiling for you a resource like no other. You’ll get step-by-step advice, as well as some concrete numbers you’ll be able to use to negotiate. If you like my first guide, I think you’ll love this one.

You’ll see, then, that in the next weeks I’ll start to send you emails on recognition, salaries, and negotiation. By the time the guide comes out, you can be completely sure that I’ve found all of the best material out there, and that I’ve added to it everything I’ve learned from my own experience.

I know, however, that many of you are looking for a job in international development. If that is you, you’ll see that this new set of emails and guide will help you understand the international development world better, and once you have that first offer, you’ll also be ready to negotiate. Once in a while, I might also send a couple of emails on the job search itself, especially if I get lots of questions on a particular topic.

You will also start receiving from me some emails that have broader lessons learned or explanations of important topics or situations in international development. I’ve started to write some of those for myself, and have absolutely loved writing them, so I hope you enjoy reading them.

In the meantime, do keep in touch! I read every single email I get, and I try to help everyone who has taken the time to apply the lessons from my Guide.

Warm regards,